Patent Processing

Do you have novel ideas? If the answer is yes, do you have patents in your name? If the answer is no, did you think why? Don’t you think these are contradictory? Why?

Between your idea and the patent, there is a long drawn process. It involves extensive write ups, making meticulous claims and giving concrete shape of your idea and the product. This all needs to be presented before the authorities in the required format. can provide end-to-end patent processing, ‘come to us with a novel idea and walk away with the patent!’ We handle feasibility study to documentation to legal process and the finally secure a patent for you.

 Open Access To Health

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 Medical Writing Resources

Find all the resources required for medical writing such as journals, databases, dictionaries and more...
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Successfully completed more than 88 projects so far. We shifted to new office premises in June 08. Our company got privacy date over a patent for prevention and treatment of androgenic alopecia. Launching a general purpose health wellness and disease discussion forum "Open Access To Health" soon…