Services is a core medical writing company. It prepares wide range of documents for publication, regulatory submission and medico-marketing. We provide secondary online medical research support to the researchers and the pharmaceutical companies and prepare research papers and claim support documents.

The company is specifically adapted in devising new formulas for the chronic diseases such as alopecia, hepatitis, hypertension and so on, where the existing drugs do not ensure a cure. Our medical writing services also cover medico-legal cases analysis and patent-related documentation and end-to-end processing.

We provide software solutions for the medical and healthcare industry such as patient registration system, symptom finder to complex simulation software. We are especially adapted in developing custom made website for medical and healthcare sector for individuals and organizations.

Our unique bland of medical, legal and software professionals enable us to provide comprehensive consultation for documentation, technical, legal and software requirement of healthcare unit and pharmaceuticals company.

With the increasing knowledge process outsourcing to India, our services are in high demand and have given us an opportunity to expand ourselves rapidly. Repeated orders from our clients are the mark of our quality and we strive to give quality services on time at competitive rates.

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Successfully completed more than 88 projects so far. We shifted to new office premises in June 08. Our company got privacy date over a patent for prevention and treatment of androgenic alopecia. Launching a general purpose health wellness and disease discussion forum "Open Access To Health" soon…