Software Development has been instrumental in developing various software for patient registration system, symptom finder and other softwares for complex applications like simulation. The main bottleneck in the development of medical software is the gap in understanding; the software experts are too far from medicine and medical graduates run away from maths and engineering. Our core founding team comprises highly qualified computer science engineers. They work in close cooperation with the medical professionals to understand the intricacies of each other’s field and come out with innovative solutions for our clients.

We can develop any web-based application for medical and healthcare industry. We have also worked on the web-based symptom finder and the patient registration software which can integrate information at different places and could be useful in the era of telemedicine, where information at various locations needs to be combined.

Our team is capable of developing any website ranging from basic static web pages to the latest web 2.0 features. The combination of medical and software professionals again give an edge in developing a custom made website for medical and healthcare sector meant for individual practitioner to a healthcare unit to a pharmaceutical company.

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Successfully completed more than 88 projects so far. We shifted to new office premises in June 08. Our company got privacy date over a patent for prevention and treatment of androgenic alopecia. Launching a general purpose health wellness and disease discussion forum "Open Access To Health" soon…